Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our Holiday Table Cloth

This is a labor of love that turned into a family tradition in our home. We use this table cloth for every Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving dinner. I bought a single sheet back in 2000 and from then on everyone who ever sits at our table for a holiday dinner has to write a little something, even if it's just their name and the year. We use a fabric pen because after I've embroidered it, it washes the pen marks away. I wanted to have something that would keep the memories alive and have a holiday heirloom to pass down through the years. It's been wonderful to read what everyone has written through the years and to see my children and their cousins hand prints grow. My only regret was not having started it when my oldest was younger and the biggest sadness of all is not to have my Dad's handwriting down on it. I lost my Dad March 28th 2000 and I started the table cloth Christmas 2000. My Dad and I spent almost every holiday together and I miss him as though it were only yesterday when he left me alone. My Dad's name is on the table cloth a lot though because so many people have let him know how much they miss him too. Someday I will get my Sister Kansas or my Aunty Bub to sew a nice hem around the bottom or add a crochet lace but for now it's our treasure just the way it is.

Packing Wood's A Drag

Wow can you believe it, summer's over already. I'm not a person who looks forward to the cold weather. If it wasn't for Christmas thrown into the middle of it all, I'd hate it even more. LOL

Going out to the bush to gather our wood, packing wood, filling the wood stove and having your husband complain because he's too cold and your boiling up; oh joy, oh joy.
My neighbors just laugh and tell me they wish they could put a tunnel between our houses to catch all the heat; I regulate the heat upstairs by opening the doors and windows.

I have yet to put my summer clothes away for the winter since I've been married, that's 21 years ago, and when family and friends come to visit they all know to bring their shorts no matter how cold it is outside. When we built our house we made the mistake of having what we call my husbands "boy's club" a rumpus room, downstairs. My Dad always said that it takes 3 houses to build before you get the perfect house. If this happens guaranteed there won't be any stairs. Fifteen years ago the stairs didn't bother me but they do now and if there is stairs, my husband will be using them everyday; not me! Lol

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