Sunday, August 26, 2007

Meet my Daughter & My Grandson

This is the start; "Hey Mum, I'm pregnant!"

Shaylee At 8 months

Shaylee w/ Uncle Kristopher

I'm a Happy Nanny!

Great Aunty Cathy & Shaylee

Here is our Newest Addition to the Schultz Family Tree.
Meet Julian (means youthful)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kitchen Reno's

This is a before the reno picture of my kitchen as you can see the walls are closed in and you can't see the living room from the kitchen stove.

Marty the head carpenter has knocked down the walls

No More spare bedroom wall The Crew

Let there be light, no more pass through into the dining room, no more wall to close me into the kitchen and I now have a great bar for you to sit, eat and shoot the breeze.
The big stuff is done and all that's left to do is finish the drywall, floors and paint.

Busy Summer

It's been a great summer so far but a busy one too. House Reno's, traveling, camping, fishing trips, gardening, and lots and lots of company but also a whole lotta fun. Not much time for crafts or computers but then I've always considered that something to do in the winter months anyway. It's usually about that time your rushing around figuring out what your going to make for Christmas presents. I haven't started canning this year. I'm waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. I still have enough apricot jam to do me for a couple of years yet. My son is not like our daughter use to be; this kid is a picker eater and he eats like a bird in comparison. Kristopher likes blackberry jam and those kinds of berries are great for picking and freezing to turn into jam later in the not so busy fall and winter months when school is back.
Maybe now that I'm older and wiser (no laughing); I've decided that I would much rather swim in the pool all day with my son and enjoy his company and a lotta laughs, before he turns into one of those dreadful teenagers. Kids grow up too fast and before you know it their living their own lives. Yes I know this from experience, been there, done one already.
I use to can anything and everything but now I only grow what we eat the most and or use the most in a can. I think as you get older your eating habits change a lot. We pretty much traded in our beef eating for chicken dishes and a lot more fresh vegetables; I never did care for canned corn or carrots. I still have things in my canning cupboard that should have been thrown out years ago, even a pint jar of pickled beets will last in my fridge for years these days.
I still love to garden though, who doesn't love the scent of a tomato plant or every morning with a coffee in hand, walking out to see just what has changed overnight. To me it's a beautiful sight as though your opening a new Christmas present every day.

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