Thursday, November 30, 2006

Melting Snowman

This little guy warmed my heart; I just had to make him. I cut out the pieces of wood for the puddle of snow and mittens, I then used a purchased wooden ball from my collection and a little wooden plug for his nose. The scarf is just a piece of felt tied around his neck with fringes cut on the ends. The hat is also felt; a rectangle cut and looped around your finger to make a tube then whip stitched closed. Then you cut a circle and whip stitch onto the tube for the brim, cut another smaller circle and fit it inside the top of the hat and stitch that too. Paint all your pieces before you glue it together with wood glue. I also used textured glitter snow to add to the base and a little on the hat and mittens for added effect.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Adding Some Colour to my Kitchen

Can you believe a friend was throwing this away. Once I reinforced it some,
I just got out my paints and had some fun with it.
Turning a plain step stool into a colourful work of art.

The step stool from the top view.
I found this pattern from a picture in a magazine but it was on a little ladder.

My husband, Kitt, built me this pot holder so I could get some, much needed, cupboard space.
I painted the edges around it to match the step stool.
I just took the blue from the step stool and the little flowers from the edge of the stool.
Easy technique to make the little flowers. Dab the end of your paint brush into the colour paint of your choice. Start with the middle of the flower and then with your second colour make five dots around it. It's that easy.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Getting an early start on Christmas

Halloween Crafts

Here's 4 of the Halloween Crafts I made this

My trick or treat candy corn characters are papier-mache; but from their legs down I used wood. You have to improvise when you live in a town without craft stores. I didn't have wooden cones so I made do with what I had around the house. I kinda like the way they turned out much better because they don't look so much a like.

I added another picture to my post (my sister's idea) she's the blog pro. A picture of my son Kristopher beside the vampire candy dish; so you can all see just how tall I made him. Our Vampire is made out of clay pots, I just used a kitchen catcher garbage bag for his cape. I did glue some fun foam that I cut into pointy shaped ears to the side of his head.

My pumpkin with the painted bats mouth is made totally out of papier-mache. I didn't grow a garden this year. First time in 20 years and we could only buy a small pumpkin. So again we just made our own. I just stuffed newspaper into a grocery bag and then used wallpaper paste and glued strips of paper all over. A few layers later. The fun part was painting the design.

My son wanted some spiders to go along with the pumpkin. We found a bunch of great idea's on the net and put them all together. The spiders are just small balloons papier-mached pretty much the same way as the pumpkin. We just made 4 small holes on each side and glued wire in the sides that had little papier-mached feet attached to them. I used glow in the dark paint for the spiders eyes and nose; my son loved his spiders.

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