Friday, December 29, 2006

Fresh Eggs

I finally get to post the fresh eggs sign I made. This was a Christmas gift for my sister Kansas. Her favorite crafts from me are the ones that hang on the wall, because shelf-sitters get lost and collect dust.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Quick & Easy Ornaments

If you have a glue gun and a few minutes time these ornaments make your tree look festive and your gift baskets special. My sister Kansas and I made a whole bunch of these last year for last minute basket fillers. All you need are some round plastic Christmas balls, store bought doilies, scraps of ribbon, silk or dried flowers and we used little plastic pearl garland for a hanger. If your a crafter like me, no doubt you will pretty well have everything on hand. Check out your Christmas isle at your local discount store for those dollar cardboard's full of flowers, bows, and bags of cheap Christmas ornaments; they work great I think both of us agreed that the gold balls looked the best.

Christmas Tree

Here is a quick and easy craft anyone can make. My Christmas tree is made out of a store bought tomato cage turned upside down. To get the cage ready before you add garland and such you have to gather the wire that sticks into the ground into a point for the top of the tree, I used wire to hold them together, I then ran wire in between the circles of the cage diagonally to give the cage a little more rounded look for the garland to attach to. All I did was wrap Christmas lights around it and then added green and gold garland. I also found gold beaded garland with little fake Christmas lights on it and added this to the tree. I like the traditional green tree but if your Christmas decor is silver, etc. then let your imagination run wild. I like to add little christmas decorations too. My son loves to have any Christmas tree up, the earlier the better. We use wood to heat our house and putting up our big tree has to wait for at least a week before Christmas because it's just to warm and dry.
The Nativity scene was passed down to me and I it means so much. This was my Nanny and Grandads, it's been around a long time. When my Dad gave it to me he built me the little manger and it makes me smile when ever I look at it because I know in my heart that it's a little piece of all three of them that I will always have at Christmas.

Snowflakes 5 cents

I just finished this cutie. He's about 12" tall and I have him hanging up in my living room. He can either be a wall or door hanging. I must be on a snowman kick this year. His arms, nose, button and snowflake are cut out separately from 1/8" birch and the snowman and sign are cut out of 1/4" pine; some paint and scrap material for the scarf and bow, and a little bit of wire to attach the snowman to the sign and for a hanger. I love adding to my collections of ornaments every year; who needs Hallmark when you own a band saw.

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