Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kitchen Reno's

This is a before the reno picture of my kitchen as you can see the walls are closed in and you can't see the living room from the kitchen stove.

Marty the head carpenter has knocked down the walls

No More spare bedroom wall The Crew

Let there be light, no more pass through into the dining room, no more wall to close me into the kitchen and I now have a great bar for you to sit, eat and shoot the breeze.
The big stuff is done and all that's left to do is finish the drywall, floors and paint.


Kansas A said...

Oh sure! Now where am I going to sleep?? Guess we'll have to kick Kitt out and it's down to the Boy's Club for him!
Glad to see a post, oh... every EIGHT months or so :)

Mom said...

Hi Biffy...
Your kitchen looks great. I am sure you must feel like the Queen Bee now. :) It makes quite a difference eh! And to have a place for your office. Well you have wanted it for a long time so just enjoy.
Love from Mom

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