Friday, October 12, 2007

My New Grandson Julian

Our newest addition to the family tree. We welcomed Julian into the world at 4:47 am October 11th, 2007. He's the most beautiful Grand-baby a Nanny could ever dream for; he's perfect in every way. We are so proud of his Mommy because she fought hard and long for over 40 hours but she did it with Nanny and Great Aunty Cathy by her side reassuring her that she could do this.


Kansas A said...

Oh that is a "Field" baby if I ever saw one!! Handsome, huge, and huggable!! :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations grama love Auntie Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Grandma
He is a beautiful boy.
Cousin Gerri

Barbra said...

Being a grandma is the best and that grandbaby is prescious! Enjoy him.

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