Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kristopher's 10th Birthday

Kristopher's birthday party was a lot of fun this year. We grabbed a couple of Kristopher's friends and headed out to my sister Kansas ranch for the afternoon. What better fun for a kid then spending the day out on a big cattle ranch with friends and family. Weiner roasts and birthday cake around a campfire in the winter. The kids played non-stop. Sledding down hills, Uncle Johnny and his skidder rides; being pulled around on your sleigh by a skidder is the ultimate in cool when it comes to top notch birthday fun. Aunty Kansas made Kristopher a beautiful birthday cake.
Kristopher had his two friends sleep over night afterwards. I know that this birthday party memory will last a lifetime. Thanks Kans.

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Kansas A said...

You're welcome Bif! I had fun too :)

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